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The Desire for Authentic Connection and How Brands Can Respond



Ci is a research, strategy, and brand consultancy specializing in the cultural shift to sustainability since 2002. We know this shift and its impact on brands better than anyone else.

At Ci we recognize this as a time of great opportunity for brands to innovate, thrive, lead and prosper.


Since 2002, we’ve been guiding and establishing Catalyst Brands™ – those that help their audiences connect attitudes to action – so they’re meaningful and relevant to people today.


With analytics, insights and strategic clarity we uncover opportunities and solve challenges at the intersection of sustainability, marketing communications, brands and their audiences.


We help leading brands align purpose and profit to establish or regain relevance and thought leadership.


We partner with organizations who also see the cultural shift to sustainability as an opportunity for brands to innovate, thrive, lead and prosper such as social innovation consultancy Motive.

“The SHIFT Report was massively helpful to start/advance our related CSR brand building discussions & efforts and an important contributor to our success in DJSI becoming the beverage sector leader and making the global list."
– Molson Coors International


We design and produce The SHIFT Report™ insight and research products and services across audiences, either custom or off-the-shelf.

Segmentation – Sustainability Passion Index™

Uniquely based on holistic set of sustainable life issues. Maps each segment to attitudes and behaviors, brand expectations and time, money and energy expenditures. Includes relationship with 150+ brands.

Custom Research and Analytics

Leverage Ci’s database, segmentation model and strategic frameworks for personalized actionable insights for marketing to innovation and strategic partnerships teams.

Sustainability Reporting

An insights, brand and transparency driven approach.


Track the impact of sustainability/for good initiatives on brand health.

Our services range from research and strategic consulting to brand driven sustainability reporting.

Strategic Consulting

Brand, Communications, Target Audience and Brand Experience consulting, strategy and guidelines.


Strategic clarity to idea generation, evaluation and prioritization.


Engages, inspires, guides and lights a fire under your audience.

“Truly captured the interest of our audience. It’s quite clear that at Ci, you know this stuff like the back of your hand and have the ability to infuse your enthusiasm to the audience!"
– Leading Global CPG Brand


“Ci’s understanding of our needs and their ability to bring together expertise, diligence and attention to cover all angles of our project were invaluable. The results that Ci delivered were always on time and exceeded our expectations."
– PCH International


The SHIFT Report is Ci’s proprietary research, strategy and brand planning tool. It powers everything we do.

Our beliefs, approach and brand tools are based on historic and ongoing research including multi-methodology research and insight gathering: quantitative, qualitative, cross stakeholder, influencer, culture and trend research.

6 Strengths Of The Shift Report™


Designed to be actionable and inspire creative and strategic ideas so you can hit the ground running.


Use of your investment across teams and departments for maximum ROI.


Inspire the brand and the people building it.


To guide strategy and the brand experience so you arrive in the right place.


Know how your audience will respond in the future; build strategy and experience for known behavior not guess work.

One size doesn’t fit all

Solutions are based on you, on your challenges and goals.

Featured Insights

To get a taste of Ci, download one of our free SHIFT Report™ Featured Insights

“Partnering with Ci was one of the best decisions we made all year. They brought a fresh perspective to the issue of sustainability that was practical and empirically sound. Their insights opened up our thinking and connected the dots to other aspects of the brand and the business we had not considered. They worked seamlessly as part of the team providing a process, expertise and guidance where and when we needed it most."
– Fleishman Hillard


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