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consumers and locals
Consumers and Local

The importance of local is evident by the multiple areas consumers indicate it as important, from a characteristic sought in brand experience to its importance as a top sustainability issue. Learn who connects with local, how and why.

consumers and locals
The Brand Happiness Index

There’s been a growing surge in happiness chatter over the past twenty-four months from culture to marketplace. Can a brand authentically position itself around happiness? Learn about who is happy and if a brands’ happiness campaigns impacts the happiness of its consumers.

consumers and locals
The New Variables

On a consumer and cultural level, there’s a new set of variables defining success; informing and guiding people’s lifestyle, purchase and brand decision. Learn what they are, what matters to people and what this means for brands.

consumers and locals
Culture Shift Mind Map

Download a large size poster that brings the cultural shift to sustainability to life in a mind-map and shows how it’s manifesting across categories and consumers (2011).