The Mindful Consumer

The Mindful Consumer

Three years ago, Ci looked at how people who meditated differed from those who did not. We found that those who did, were more empathetic than others and far more likely to be agents of social change.

In 2014, this cultural shift toward mindfulness and the search for spiritual over material contentment has really come into its own with people looking to be to be more aware and conscious of their lifestyle habits.

From literal mindfulness – Headspace and Luminosity – to more holistic, trends such as Arianna Huffington’s third metric of success, “well-being,” we are starting to see people looking to be more aware and redefine this New Variable of conscious consumer choices.

Brands are quickly realizing this top priority care issue and looking to make changes in their products and services. Particularly quick to adapt to this has been the airline industry.

Mindful living is no longer strictly earth bound. In response to nearly a decade of increased anxieties during flights and throughout the flying process, the airline industry sees an opportunity to usher in a new golden age, one that is more mindful of its passengers and of their overall needs of a more conscious, connected lifestyle.


Luvo helps passengers “Be good to themselves,” on board Delta Air Lines  which has introduced a new line of healthy menu items from Luvo now available in the economy cabin on Delta’s transcontinental flights between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport  and Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.


The latest idea for a supersonic business jet from Spike Aerospace involves replacing cabin portholes with windowless display screens showing a fake view in order to create a mood of elevated relaxation.


Headspace Take10 for the air are animated meditation videos available on all Virgin Atlantic flights that aid passengers on how to get some sleep, how to deal with boredom, exercises for kids, stress on arrival, & stress on a plane.

With two leading airlines having already adapted this mentality (Virgin Atlantic & Delta Airlines), other brands are already behind the curve.

Though price still remains the leading differentiator for consumers when choosing flights, anxious passengers are ready to shell out a few extra dollars for a more pleasant flight.