When Vocal Globalists Are Also Artists

Part of the fun about Twitter, I’m finally discovering, is that you get to ‘follow’ people you only ever get to see on TED talks, or by reading their books and magazines.  John Maeda, President of Rhode Island School of Design, has an extremely refreshing and optimistic outlook on life which makes him that much more enjoyable to follow!  One of his latest tweets that caught my attention was a quote by author Palolo Coelho “Art and storytelling are the only bridges we have left in a world that is collapsing.” From Ci’s perspective, this is especially pertinent (in a strategic / romantic / Alchemist kind of way).

So what happens when our Vocal Globalists* are also Artists and Storytellers?  Good things.  For example: Challenge Your World 20/20 is a partnership between Challenge Your World and Motionographer. 20 video artists create 20 wild, whimsical, and unconventional machines that solve environmental issues. They believe “If we’re going to transform the world we have to push ourselves to think differently.” You can see the videos here. My favourite has to be Recycle Invaders by Thiago Maia!

* Vocal Globalists are passionate about social and environmental issues and make up 34 percent of the population. They are more concerned about Global Warming than any other group. They are very much connected with their community, talking amongst friends and writing blogs. They take the time to be aware of the issues, and are simultaneously anxious and confident about the future (SHIFT Report Sustainability Passion Index (SPI)).